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Konstantinos, what's your problem?


Always keep your office tidy.

Now I'd like to talk for a bit about the European Union.

The professor always teaches in jeans and a shirt.

The drink made Bobby sleepy.

After an hour, I parted with them and came back.

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Boxing is boring.

What's the deal with Mohammad?

I can make any woman fall in love with me.

Tell Francisco this is hopeless.

Nobody's going to shed any tears if that old building gets torn down.

If it rains tomorrow, there will be no excursion.

They don't listen to me.


The floor was wet with water.

How about a cup of coffee?

Can you identify this?


Dan waited for an opportunity.


They said they fired me because I'm fat.

Syed considers Louise to be a heroine.

I can't keep doing this.

I can't remember who I am.

Can't you just ask Dylan to help us?


We abandoned the plan to go on a picnic.

I think Dwight is untrustworthy.

Don't talk about yourself like that.

It tastes really yummy.

At these prices, you won't get many students in here.

I know how to handle him.

Do you love stoats as much as I love them?

His praise of Italian wine at the French winemakers' convention really set the cat among the pigeons.

Randy was correct about one thing.

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I didn't tell anyone about it.


Does anybody know about this?


Is Graham getting any better?


You added nothing.

Cats usually meow.

Better an end with horror than a horror without end.

In poker, three of a kind and one pair is known as a full house.

Russell painted a picture of his mother.


I've got varicose veins.

It's all fake.

Murray is as guilty as Jun.


I dyed my hair blonde.


Influenza, measles, pox and chicken-pox are infectious and contagious diseases.

Drop me a line when you get there.

I don't care to see more than one bottle of prosecco a year.

Annard gave Reinhard a quick kiss and walked out the door.

I always drive at a moderate speed.

Up to now I've never been abroad.

Meeks watched Lum dive into the water.

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Renu split the bill with Brandon.

At last, we arrived at the village.

Loukas liked me well enough.

When the tempura I make cools down, it immediately loses its crispiness and doesn't taste very good.

Don't you think it might be a bit too expensive for us to buy?

I'm never going to see Vladimir again.

Our brave men and women were sent to oil-rich Iraq to defend democracy and freedom.

I cannot crawl like this. My knees hurt.

There is only one thing that does not conform to the majority, and that is man's conscience.


The author of the Slovio language has even made a porn site in it.


Now's your chance.

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We didn't click.

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Ricardo knew that that was a bad idea.


I think that's an amazing story.

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Do you promise?


She showed her album to me.

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Part was screaming in pain.

One is not born a woman, one becomes one.

She's good at getting around rules.

I've spent my whole life looking for someone like you.

How can I get to the train station?

The dictionary is close at hand.

Stop arguing.

It was nice and warm inside the house.

The workers were furious that management had kept them in the dark about proposed job cuts.

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It's worth thinking about.

There's a lot of traffic here in the mornings.

Say which one you would like.

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I'm starting to understand why you didn't want to come here.

This place looks just the same as it used to.

Donald deserves a pay raise.

Major started the engine.

The explosive ordnance disposal unit safely disposed of the unexploded bomb.

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Are you sure you don't want one?

I'm a member of the team.

These plants are all poisonous.

Suppose you are talking to your friend.

They have no sense of sin.

It snowed much last winter.

You need to eat something before you go to work.


Do you think I care if she likes me?

They restrained him.

Molly has been taken hostage.


What did you do with my keys?

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If we miss the train, we'll go by bus.

Jeffie is going to be so proud of you.

I wouldn't want you to be late for class.

Unfortunately, some people were offended.

My sister goes to the Carpathians every year.

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After all, he was persuaded to run for President.


Please don't look at me like that.

Where can I buy snacks?

Trains come more often than buses.

It was wonderful, you know.

Jan has gone home early.

Everyone's got a reason to celebrate the beginning of the new year. They all survived the old one.

I injured myself with a sharp knife.

Michael Jackson is the best music artist of all time.

I fell down really hard and got a black bruise on my knee.


They are here to stay.

How long do you intend to keep complaining?

I don't really want to talk about it.

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I thought you were a man of honor.


I admire them both.

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Would you tell Suzan I'd like to see him?


The bird was looking for worms.

I have to pick one of them.

I've got a job.

Marnix stared off into space.

Give me the map.

We didn't get caught, did we?

If that's true, then she's better than me.

He's fast.

No offense!

If it's raining, we don't plan to go hiking.

I need to study many languages and I love it.


Kyle said he did just that.

I'll be waiting for Corey until 6 o'clock.

No other mountain in the world is as tall as Mt. Everest.

After studying Swedish for several months, I still can't speak it very well.

The squirrel ate the hazelnuts.

Can I hug you?

Find out all you can about Harvey.

They did not feel like playing any more.

Is there anyone we invited who hasn't come yet?


I like French cooking.

The rumor turned out to be only too true.

Hang on a while!

You don't have to use a dictionary when you read this book.

I drank it in a gulp.

The cat maimed three squirrels.

I was made to wait for over 30 minutes.

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I received an invitation.

When are you getting out of prison?

Since happiness doesn't exist, we must strive to be happy without it.

What has happened to Saad?

We spend a lot of time together.

Now isn't the time to start worrying.

I'm not racist, but I just don't like those people.

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Did anybody see you?

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Do you have psychic powers?

Show me how much money you have.

I know this boy well.

Will you please check to see if my order has been dealt with?

Even now, many years after the cold war, there is still much bitterness between Germans and Russian, especially in areas which were occupied by the Soviet Union.

Actually, I know that.

I'm the same age as Tao.

Can you do it in thirty minutes?

The soldier aimed his gun at the man.